Clean, protect and preserve your furniture with upholstery cleaning services from ACT. We also offer textile and soft goods cleaning for your rugs, window treatments…even handbags and shoes. Our team is accustomed to cleaning up extreme fire, smoke and water damage, so everyday cleaning is no problem at all! Our upholstery cleaning professionals utilize pro-grade equipment and proven deep cleaning techniques to safely clean all types of fabric.

Since we perform disaster restoration, we must invest the superior equipment and uniquely skilled technicians those services demand. As a cleaning customer, you get the benefit of this extra value at market rates!

“ACT provided careful cleaning of my antique heirloom furniture. My service tech actually studied the different types of fabrics I have on my furniture and then chose different cleaning methods to match the right fabric. No discoloration or damage. I think I can pass this furniture on to my daughter!”
“I didn’t know you could dry-clean drapes while they are still hanging. ACT’s portable dry cleaning machine protected my delicate curtains and got them looking new again.”