When you’re accustomed to cleaning up storm damage, extreme water damage and even fire and smoke damage, everyday carpet cleaning is no problem! We give the same care and attention to cleaning your home or business as we do to the toughest restoration and cleanup jobs.

Professional carpet cleaning from ACT offers several advantages, including more cleaning power, better extraction, and faster drying carpets. We utilize a truck mounted deep cleaning method with a hot water extraction system to thoroughly clean your carpeting. ACT is an IICRC certified carpet cleaning company.

“I couldn’t get the pet smell out of my carpets. ACT’s tech used a special deodorizer which did the trick. They also repaired the wood subfloor in spots where the pet stains and smells were the worst.”

Why choose ACT for your carpet cleaning services?

A Better Clean

We use hot water to clean your carpets, while many other services use cold water. This matters a lot in making sure your carpets get thoroughly clean. The cleaning solutions and deodorants we use are heavier duty than what many others use. Our carpet cleaning process can take care of even the strongest smells, such as smoke or pet odors.

A Great Value

We have to invest in superior equipment, people and processes for our delicate and demanding disaster recovery services. As a carpet cleaning services customer, you get this extra value at market rates!

One-Stop Service for Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Pad Replacement and Subfloor Repairs

Some carpet problems, such as severe pet urine stains, may involve repairing or replacing the underlying carpet pad or even the subfloor underneath. If that’s necessary, you won’t have to worry about finding a separate company to do the repair. ACT is accustomed to whole home repairs, so you get a one-stop, well-managed project without extra time or bother.