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Emergency Services
water  fire  mold  storm

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If water or fire please call for immediate service. 

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    Water. Fire. Storm. Mold.


    “I had smoke damage that was unbearable.”

    It was overwhelming. Everything smelled like smoke, even the furniture on the other side of the building. I thought I was going to lose everything for sure!


    “My rental property flooded and I needed a fix fast.”

    I got the very unpleasant call early in the morning … “Our building is flooding. We had to shut everything down.” When my tenants lose, I lose. I needed to do something fast, but I didn’t have the tools or resources…


    “I found mold in my home, but don’t know what to do.”

    I was having trouble breathing, especially in the mornings. After a few hours of being out and about, I felt fine again … until the next morning that is. I soon learned that a leak was causing mold to grow inside my bedroom walls.


    “I’m concerned about the next storm season.”

    I want to make sure that I’m as prepared as possible to get my operation back up and running as soon as possible in the event that a disaster occurs.

    Everyday, Pro-Grade. Carpet, Furniture, Duct Cleaning.

    “I couldn’t get the pet smell out of my carpets.”

    ACT’s tech used a special deodorizer which did the trick. They also repaired the wood sub-floor in spots where the pet stains and smells were the worst.

    “Careful cleaning of my antique heirloom furniture.”

    My service tech actually studied the different types of fabrics I have on my furniture and then chose different cleaning methods to match the right fabric. No discoloration or damage. I think I can pass this furniture on to my daughter!

    “I didn’t know you could dry-clean drapes while they are still hanging.”

    ACT’s portable dry cleaning machine protected my delicate curtains and got them looking new again.

    “My walls stayed white.”

    So pleased to have a professional who didn’t put fingerprints all over my walls or leave debris all over my carpet. My tech was right on time and let me know beforehand everything he would be doing in my home. Completely trustworthy.