An interview excerpt with Geron Smith, Director of Business Development
Interviewer: How long should it take for a restoration company to respond to a problem?
Geron: Well there’s two points that I’d like to talk about. One is when you have the first sign of the problem, you notice that there is water in your basement or coming through your ceiling, that’s an emergency, so you’re going to contact us. We’re a 24/7 company. We’re always there, even on holidays. So, once that call is made someone from our company will reach out to you via telephone and set up a time to come out. Whatever is most convenient to you. That phone call from us should happen within a couple of minutes.
Once you’ve called our company it goes to the answering service. If it’s not during business hours, we’re still reaching out to you within a few minutes. We’re going to set up the time that works best for our client. Typically if it’s in the Wichita area we’re always out there within an hour. There are some exceptions to that. If it’s been a storm and there’s a tornado and lines are down or roads are blocked, sometimes that could take a little longer to respond, but it’s always within that hour range around here. If it’s outside of the Wichita market, then of course you have to add the drive time to it.