Putting together the team for a smooth claims process

When dealing with a disaster, it is vital that your vendors communicate, work together and have the funding and resources necessary to get you back up and running.

Things the team needs to agree upon:

  • Safety, access and egress.
  • Scope of work to be done.
  • Time line for completion of work.
  • Business interruption and continuity considerations.
  • Schedule daily updates and meetings.

Know Your Policy

Understand what is covered by your deductible amounts. A deductible is how much you have to pay out of pocket before insurance begins.

Immediately Document Your Losses

Before removing debris or broken belongings, document your losses to provide to your insurance company. Take photos and/or video. Make a list of the damages and/or damaged items.

Consider Making Temporary Repairs

Take reasonable steps to avoid further harm to your property, but do not put yourself in danger. Consider calling a professional. Your insurer will typically reimburse the cost of these repairs as part of your claim.

File Claims Immediately

Call your broker or your company’s claims hotline immediately. Notifying them is likely required within a time frame. Often, insurers send disaster response teams to the impacted area to assist policyholders to assess damage, cut checks, and help start the claims process.

Hire quality contractors to restore the damage

Be sure your property is returned to a pre-loss condition, your vendors should be able to fix or replace all damage caused by the disaster. Walk the facility and look at things that may need to be replaced. Wallpaper, carpet, baseboards and fixtures all need to be considered.
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