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Managing Your Disaster

What are the real costs of a loss?

The obvious effects of disaster on a business are typically easy to measure: wet walls, smoke damage, and lots of clean up. The damage to the structure and contents often need professional restoration and repair, but depending on how well the recovery is managed, other problems can be unveiled.

What’s not easy to measure are the long term effects the recovery process has on your staff, clients and reputation. In the age of social media, online surveys, and word-of-mouth, the clients’ overall experience means everything.

Keys to managing how the recovery impacts your clients.

  • Reduce visible, ongoing repair. By erecting temporary walls and working behind closed doors, the client’s experience is not impacted.
  • Avoid loud work during peak times.
  • Keep work areas clean and free from clutter.
  • Use the latest technologies for faster drying and cleaning.

Keep your team focused on running your company, not the recovery process.

Companies devote a lot of time and resources to hiring the right people. Each team member has daily responsibilities that are vital to the success of the organization. When disaster strikes, team members are often assigned to deal with the recovery process. This shift in focus leaves a void in the team, requiring others to take on added responsibilities. The longer the team is focused on the disaster recovery, the less effective the team becomes.

ACT will allow your team to stay focused on your business, while we stay focused on putting your world back together.


Advance Catastrophes Technologies (ACT) is your partner for total disaster planning, response and recovery. Disaster strikes in an instant, and although you can’t predict when it will happen, you can be prepared.

Companies across the U.S. are turning to ACT for advance planning, immediate disaster response, and expert restoration. Whether the event is a Cat 5 hurricane in New Orleans, a wildfire in Southern California or a nor’easter in New England, ACT is there when it matters.

From the initial plan to the final steps of recovery, ACT is the single source solution for all of your disaster management needs.

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