An interview excerpt with Geron Smith, Director of Business Development
Interviewer: Is water damage from a failed sump pump covered by my insurance?
Geron: Sometimes it is, and in every situation like that we’ll ask them to consult their insurance company. Some people have additional coverage for that and some do not. We’re not an insurance company or an agent, so the best advice that we can possibly give the homeowner at that point is to consult your insurance professional. They’re going to tell you immediately what your coverage will handle and what they will not cover. At any level it still needs to be addressed. So, do you leave a water problem unaddressed because it may not be covered? No, but at least the consumer knows and we know that they may not be covered as we start doing work. Sometimes we can get it contained, stopped and addressed, and then they can maybe sometimes do the rest of it themselves once the water problem has been resolved. So those are some things that we’ll do with the consumer to help them through that process. But then it always goes back to the insurance company.