An interview excerpt with Geron Smith, Director of Business Development
Interviewer: Should I fix my own water damage?
Geron: That’s a great question because with insurance premiums going up, if people suffering higher premiums file a claim, they pay higher deductibles. I think those things are pushing the consumers to do more of it themselves. That can cause a problem down the road if they’re not trained professionals in water loss. For example, if you have wet carpet and you look and say, “well my carpet is wet, so obviously I need to dry it out.” A lot of people just put a fan on it and don’t think about the dehumidifiers that need to be used in conjunction with the fans. They’re not thinking about the water wicking up into the sheet rock. So the end result a lot of times is what we see, a mold problem. If it’s not handled correctly and quick enough, mold can start to form and then they’re dealing with not only the water loss that wasn’t handled correctly, but also a very expensive mold remediation issue.