An interview excerpt with Geron Smith, Director of Business Development
Interviewer: If I have a mold problem, should I call my insurance agent first?
Geron: We’ve got to remember that water losses and mold problems don’t always happen at the most convenient time. Most water losses are found when people get home from work, or they happen in the middle of the night. It would be convenient if they happened with our work schedule when we are home. However, most of the time it happens when your insurance agent is out of the office, and you may not have their personal number, and you may have a claims number that they’ve asked you to call.
If you really want that personal touch, the personal service, I would recommend you call a local restoration company. They are going to be the first ones on the scene to fix the problem. Anyway, it needs to be addressed quickly. If it goes through an insurance company, most of the time there is a little delay. You may not have that emergency service that you need or requested. So, I would recommend a local restoration company to do that. Then from that point, for example, we would work with the insurance company directly to file the claim and report the information that we’re seeing to help that consumer through the claims process.